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Press Start: Lil Big Plan Press Start: Lil Big Plan

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Too bad

I didn't get it like I should have because I don't think I ever played the games that included these characters, nor have I seen the other episodes yet. I just watched it because it was in the top five email... Despite all that I still liked it. Funny stuff... It is likely that I will soon invest my time in watching this series. :) Good work

Entanglement 2 Entanglement 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The future

This is with out a doubt the most intense stick fight I've ever seen. It could use a bit of work on the graphics side though. No complaints here, just a meek expression of hope for what I want this to become in the future.

Watch Bunnykill here on newgrounds. You can watch the whole series or could could just watch episode 1 and 5. Either way I think that would express what needs to be done with this series quite well.

The action here is fine, you get kudos for that. The graphics is what I'm referring to. Keep that in mind when watching episode 1 of bunny kill lol. The action in that series got better as it went along with the graphics.

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Dot Dot Dot - Animated Dot Dot Dot - Animated

Rated 5 / 5 stars



i reley dont wan to say this, but this is the freaking bomb!

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Vince The Voodoo doll Vince The Voodoo doll

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Title sequence

It was great. now make a cartoon for it. All I saw was a title sequence that said "the end" instead of the title of the cartoon.

Pencilmation 14 Pencilmation 14

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too Short

I must agree with PirateogtaX. I have been a fan of your work for a long time now, and I have always wished your episodes were a little longer, but I have been able to tolerate it up until now. this one seems shorter then the rest, and I am saddened by it :<

Also you weren't mean enough to the little guy this time. Yea he got zapped by a jellyfish and chased by a shark for a bit, but that was it D:<

Anyway, I am not really complaining, I just want loger episodes because these rock to much for you to be torturing us with it like this =P

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Pokemon: Fated Battle Pokemon: Fated Battle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I wanted so badly to give you 5/5 and 10/10. I just couldn't get over the bad drawing. It ruined it for me. However, to show I did appreciate the flash, let me point out everything I liked about it.

1.) Great choice of pokemon.
I get tired of seeing legionaries destroying continents in their battle. I also get tired of seeing boring pokemon being glorified by into something they are not.

Sizzor and Steelix are both EPIC pokemon that do not get enough credit. Dragonite and Charizard are kind of pushing the line a bit, but you at least represented them better then most. EG: Dragonite = Mystical and Charizard = Thin! Good job on that.

2.) Great music and voice acting.
Assuming you did the voice acting of course.
Though you could have equalized the music a bit, so it wasn't so distorted, it was still a good choice for this because it was original for this kind of video and didn't suck either. In fact, it rocked!

3.) Animation
EXCELLENT!!! I couldn't have asked for better. You really have a sense of scene work. ( I actually don't know if that's the right terminology or not but w/e ). All I know is that you captured so many details and frames that many people wouldn't have bothered with. What I am saying is that all the extra work was noticed here. =)

... Unfortunately, the art was just sub par. And I don't mean to sound like an ass, but I think I would have to say that it was actually like... really bad.. =/
Bad enough to make the whole thing hard to watch at least. And because o this, I just couldn't give you a max vote. Sorry : <

P.S. Would the "mystery pokemon" that you were talking about in the comment section be Rayquaza?

P.P.S. I really liked the part somewhere in the middle of the flash when the music went all slow after Sizzor got smacked down and then the scene switches to Charizard trying to get some space between himself and Dragonite

Tyrant-D responds:

Thanks for the constructive response! Ok about the artwork.. you really think it is that bad? I honestly don't understand why some folks here don't like my style of art. Everyone here on newgrounds has their own style, and this is simply mine.

I will never change it, I myself actually find the artwork the best thing about this. Honestly detailing every aspect of each pokemon and trainer took the most time of the production of this flash. Ok another thing which is a pure fact. IF THIS WERE a comedy, the artwork catagory would never come into the equation. MOST comedies on NG are badly drawn, not all but most. And yet they still get 10/10 5/5 mega high scores and shit. Really I just find that double standards if you ask me. And a very cheap way of getting awards only by laughter and not skill. But however I still admire most, THAT'S only IF! I laugh myself XD

Anyways I like to keep things simple, this ain't a art show, its just an action pack battle. Thank you for your opinion :)

Man Man 2 Man Man 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It loaded. a vibrating 16 appeared on a black background. That was it. it didn't do anything else.

Since every one else voted around 3.49, and gace a review score of approximatley 6.4, I will give you 6 stars and a 3 vote.

OnionsXD responds:

Myt advice when something like that happens is not to vote at all becuase it has something to do with your intuhnetz or browser..... the vibrating 16 meant that there was 16 skits left that was to go on the whole cartoon...

love tripp love tripp

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was educational?

That was WAY trippy... Is that what it's actually liked to trip balls lol?
Anyway, I tried to watch it twice but everytime the flash loads it immediatly displays a face with a das mask on it drawn in red. I can't watch it again o_O

How to Hook Up the NES How to Hook Up the NES

Rated 5 / 5 stars


If for no other reason, I give you top rating and vote because of the warm fuzzy feeling I got when I saw the NES in all of it's 8 bit glory. Like you went all out, you drew the back of the damn thing. I wanted dearly to touch it =P

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Queers of War Queers of War

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Gears of GAY?

That was pretty funny - I didn't get the last video though 0.o oh well
Anyway is that the Excite Bike tune in at the menu!?! That's awesome!