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2009-09-11 11:52:05 by skullznshit3000

Okay so I was going for HIGH QUALITY!!!!!!! and transarency. So without fully understanding what I was doing, I fucked around with the png options and hoped I chose best. If some one could tell me if I've done something wrong that would be great. And even if I didn't do it wrong maybe you could explain to me what all these little check boxes mean. I will give you my opinion and if I am off, even alittle bit, let me know. and if I am right, but you have something you would like to add that would be cool too.

- Inertlacing (Adam7) - I have no idea.
- Save Background Color - This means that, if checked, even if you have transparency enabled, that it will force a background color in your saved file.
- Save Gamma - This means that if you wish to see any thing other than transparent nothingness (as in black, white, blue, or any color other than transparent) you should check this.
- Save Layer Offset - I have no idea.
- Save Resolution - This means that, if checked, it will tell you the resolution size of the saved image in the properties tab.
- Save Creation Time - This means that , if checked, it will tell you the creation date and of the saved image in the properties tab. (really not sure about that because windows does this automatically {most operating systems do this automatically now that I think about it})
- Save Comment - This means that, if checked, it will let you write an authors note which will be attached to the file and viewable in the properties tab. (once again like OS manditorie <spelling* stuff here)
- Save color values from transparent pixels - this means that, if checked, you will have a transparent background?
-Compression level - this decides how crappy your image will look VS. how large the saved file will be. (Yea I know that one =P)

Remember I said I DON'T KNOW what these are so if I seem stupid, it was just a guess and I don't expect to be right about any of it...



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2009-09-11 16:01:02

google is your friend es-out.html

(Updated ) skullznshit3000 responds:

Thank you very much, though this doesn't answer all my questions it certainly helped alot. I am now much better off. And you're correct, Google is my friend. However, befor now, I could never find anything reguarding image compression information that didn't confuse the hell out of me by myself. So you have helped.